Cover Photo: A Conversation with Damon Young by Natalie Degraffinried

A Conversation with Damon Young

“I’d write ten pieces a week because I liked having lights in my apartment.”

Pittsburgh native Damon Young is the editor-in-chief of VerySmartBrothas (VSB), a blog-turned-magazine by and for Black people. He is also a columnist for and Magazine. Damon is currently working on a book of essays forthcoming from Ecco. Damon writes about pop culture, race, sports, dating, politics, and just about any other topic he could infuse with his signature snark and humor—here, he talks about his writing and editing processes, building his loyal community at VSB, pancakes, and more.


I Can’t Fucking Sing Or Rap Or Play Any Instruments Besides The Recorder And I’m Giving This Album This Title Just So You Have Appropriate Expectations

Thank You For Releasing Me From This Contract I Didn’t Ask For Or Deserve Because The Stress Over It Gave Me Acid Reflux.

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Kill Bill: Volume 2

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