A brand new world

My insensitive mother once said

“those who lose one sense, develop another”

What use is my acute sense of smell, except in a fire?

Metal scrapyard voice of the Windows screen reader
Reminds me of the clanky transition,
I wish, wasn’t mine.
I fish for treasures in all that white trashy polyphonic noise
until my head bursts.
Conquer JAWS or else
Its merciless fangs will leave you limbless,
a dead-weight in
the darkest depths of the ocean.
Can I have 5 sides of patience, please?

“Can you tell that we are going through a car lobby?”, said my cane instructor.

I puckered my salty sunburnt lips.

“Listen closely, follow the reflecting sounds.”

Lightless, my brain shuts down.

The cheap airline mask induces sleep

on a
full of
In public spaces,

Blind people become godlike,

parting the sealike Moses did,

deserving of the best seats in economy class

Or infantile,

addressed as Sweety or Honey

Credit card receipts etched with plump red hearts

Extra servings of

compensatory dessert at Cheesecake Factory

Are these people high on something?
I asked myself,
attending my first Austin Council for Blind meeting
At first, my answer was
No, they just don’t know better.
But later,
It occurred that actually they do know better.