Cover Photo: Devyn Park
Devyn Park

Tuesday Reads from Around the Web

Stories from The Atlantic, The New Yorker, and Narratively

Today, were celebrating pub day for Watchlist, our collection of surveillance-themed stories. On Catapult, we asked contributors to this anthology to performand write aboutreal-life acts of surveillance. First up: Bryan Hurt and Carmen Maria Machado.  Weve  also gathered a few of our  favorite recent writings about privacy, surveillance, harassment, and what it feels like to be watched.

1. In On Homecomings,   Ta-Nehisi Coates admits his anxiety over his newfound celebrity and the Brooklyn home that he can never live in:

Jack Boucher/Library of Congress

2. Adrian Chen on the search for the real Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin:

3.  How is TMZ able to break news quicker than traditional publications?  The New Yorker gets an inside look:

Peter Bohler

4. Over at Narratively, E.D. Adams  experiences harassment after posting nude photos online:

Devyn Park

5.  Caitlin Murphy of The Establishment gets real about dealing with online stalking as both a lawyer and victim:

Paul Walsh

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