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Nonfiction Bootcamp: Writing the Perfect Argument

Often we have strong opinions but have trouble putting them to strong words. How do we fix holes in our arguments? How do we recognize them in the first place? Smart reporting, strategically constructed sentences and fairness all bolster an argument's credibility to get across an important point. Whether an aspiring reporter, blogger or someone that just likes posting on Facebook, this course will teach the skills necessary to strengthen your prose through the techniques of journalistic research, substantiation and attribution.


-the support of a nurturing community of writers and readers 

-the full resources of Catapult's custom-built online classes platform (including live chat, story editor, and discussion threads)

-skills and techniques to help transform your opinions into strong and compelling written arguments 

-access to tailored writing prompts and engaging video lessons designed by an expert in the field 

-more confidence as a writer, on and off the page! 

Caleb Garling

Caleb Garling has worked as a staff writer for Wired and The San Francisco Chronicle, and has published in The Atlantic, MIT Technology Review, Matter, Backchannel, Modern Farmer and Vice, reporting feature length stories and writing opinion pieces about the effect of technology on society. Prior to journalism he worked in both business strategy and a molecular biology lab where he spent a lot of time convincing smart people to do stuff.