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Jade Sharma: Four-Week Coaching

Four weeks of  individualized writing coaching with critically-acclaimed writer Jade Sharma. 

Jade Sharma

Jade Sharma is the author of a novel, Problems, and has reviewed for the New York Times Book Review. Her work has appeared in Lit Hub, The Evergreen, and Your Unspeakable Voice.


"Maya, with her bodily neuroses and impulses and lusts and bolts of cleverly crafted philosophical insight, is the novel. And she’s hard to stop watching and caring about and even, optimistically, rooting for. . . . A psychologically astute portrait of a woman’s cycle of addiction, the ebb and flow of her life around it, and her own hilarious, bittersweet and brilliant inner monologue through it all.”


“The problem with Jade Sharma’s novel, PROBLEMS, is that it ends. The narrator, Maya, is a hot mess with zero percent of her shit together, and yet as I got to know her through Sharma’s inventive narrative voice, I saw her as—or perhaps wanted her to be—my friend.”


“[Maya’s] problems could fill a book — and in fact, they do, in a brisk, mordantly funny, fragmented narrative that is refreshingly honest, despite the fact that Maya is a liar.”


"A novel about a heroin addict shouldn’t be this much fun to read."


"Being in class with Jade was always a pleasure. Her insights into other students' work were deeply intellectual and offered interesting perspectives on storytelling. She personally made time to read my stories outside of class, as well, and we often exchanged work. I'm so glad to have gotten to study with her. She helped my work immeasurably."

Profile Photo Sarah Gerard author of BINARY STAR

"Jade Sharma will root out anything in your manuscript that is fake, disingenuous, weak, or just plain bad, and she frames her critiques with humor and honesty. Your work will be stronger for it, and you will be too."

Ruth Curry co-founder of Emily Books

"Jade Sharma has a brilliant analytical and critical mind, and is devastatingly effective at x-raying fiction to discern levels of clarity, originality and emotional honesty."

Xan Price