Fiction | Workshop

8-Week Intermediate Fiction: Practice & Craft

In this eight-week workshop, for writers who have taken at least one previous workshop, we will explore the craft, discipline, and deep mystery of writing fiction. You will set—and meet—your own artistic expectations. Weekly writing prompts will give you the incentive to get your ass in the proverbial chair, and in-class weekly workshops will hold you accountable—not only to your classmates, but to yourself. Each writer will workshop twice, and will meet once with me for an individual conference to discuss their writing goals and progress. Classes will cover structure, character development, the stakes of a story, and more; in-class writing exercises will help uncover that elusive mystery: inspiration.

Rachel Lyon

Rachel Lyon's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Joyland, Bustle, The Toast, Iowa Review, McSweeney's, and elsewhere; her debut novel is forthcoming from Scribner. Rachel teaches at Catapult, the Sackett Street Writers Workshop, and the Ditmas Writing Workshops. A former fiction editor at Indiana Review, she is a cohost of the reading series Ditmas Lit. Visit her at and sign up for her (mostly) weekly writing prompts at Tinyletter.


"Rachel was funny, smart, and kept us focused on the material at hand, guiding each writer to be the best they possibly could. She gave detailed feedback that was thoughtful and incredibly instructive. I gained confidence in myself as both a writer and reader."

former student

"We asked Rachel a lot of questions that often had no right answers, and she took the time to answer honestly and knowledgeably. She answered all my questions even though they did not all focus on the craft of writing."

former student

"Rachel made it clear that writing required passion but also discipline, and she was able to convey her vast knowledge throughout the course. She was crystal clear throughout, giving us excellent writing prompts for each class. Everyone was engaged."

former student

"Rachel Lyon is a woman of much grace and many talents. Not only is her fiction swift and piercing, she is a radiant dinner guest, and generally all around wonderful person."

Week 1: Sep 10-16th
Week 2: Sep 17-23rd
Week 3: Sep 24-30th
Week 4: Oct 1-7th
Week 5: Oct 8-14th
Week 6: Oct 15-21st
Week 7: Oct 22-28th
Week 8: Oct 29th - Nov 4th