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6-Week Online Coaching with Chelsea Martin

"So I spent this money instead of taking a trip to Wrestlemania. It was well worth it. It was def. the best thing I’ll have done all year. I made Chelsea Martin laugh. That’s like the coolest thing. I’m very sad now that it’s over. I had some very genuine and joyous experiences that took me out of the mundane and trivial aspects of my normal life.” - former Catapult student

This six-week one-on-one coaching course is for writers of all stages working on memoir or personal essays.

Each of the last four weeks, writers will submit up to ten pages for instructor review, which will be discussed in 1-on-1 conferences held in the Salon.  Writers will work independently on craft lessons geared toward developing nuanced characters. They'll also read examples of nonfiction that treat characters with compassion, honesty, and frankness, and Chelsea will help them develop ways to bring these qualities into their own writing. As this is a private coaching class, specific writing goals can be accommodated and developed in collaboration with the instructor. 


- A broader understanding of how to create nuanced and relatable characters in nonfiction writing

- Various ways of approaching a true story

- Empowerment to take on difficult personal subject matter

- A better understanding of the complicated ethics involved when writing nonfiction

- Know what form of nonfiction writing your project is best suited for (memoir, personal essay, etc.)

- Access to Catapult's list of writing opportunities and important submission deadlines, as well as a 10% discount on all future Catapult classes


- One-on-one individualized feedback and coaching on your nonfiction project, as well as advice on where to get published

- Weekly readings, lectures, and prompts to help you generate new work

- Feedback on four writing submissions (up to 10 pages per submission)


Week 1: Introductions, the ethics of writing nonfiction, interpreting truth

Week 2: Reflecting on past selves, perspective choices

Week 3: Creating nuanced characters

Week 4: Humor & voice

Week 5: Recalling dialogue

Week 6: Character arcs

Chelsea Martin

Chelsea Martin is the author of Everything Was Fine Until Whatever, The Really Funny Thing About Apathy, Even Though I Don't Miss YouMickey, and Caca Dolce. Her work has appeared in publications including Buzzfeed, Lenny Letter, Vice, Hobart, and Catapult.


“CACA DOLCE explores the discomfort, melancholia and absurdity of taking up space in the world when we aren't sure if we really deserve it. Deeply human―it's a lonely book that made me feel less alone.”

Melissa Broder author of SO SAD TODAY

“Chelsea Martin is one of the best American writers alive. Savage and sharp, tender and hilarious, Martin’s CACA DOLCE is a book like she’s never written before. She’s given us poetry, prose, novels, and comics. Now she’s given us a perfect personal essay collection as well. You'll only think one thing after reading it. Chelsea Martin can do anything.”

Scott McLanahan author of HILL WILLIAM

“These essays provide a portrait of one narrator’s search for identity through a complexity of stories that offer a door into adolescent confusion, pain, amusement, and awkwardness . . . CACA DOLCE provides a journey into Martin’s personal experience, allowing empathy toward the years we all take to find ourselves while navigating through awkward terrain.”


“Martin’s honest writing exists above the confines of fear and social norms. She is . . . a breath of pure oxygen in a literary environment that often shies away from female grit . . . her writing is sweaty, uncomfortable, and enchanting . . . She taps into the consciousness of her past selves with precision and care, respecting the integrity and desires of those younger women. A sure hit for fans of Sara Benincasa’s AGORAFABULOUS! and Lena Dunham’s NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL.”

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