Fiction | Workshop

6-Week Fiction Workshop

This advanced workshop is for writers of fiction who have previous workshop experience, and who are hoping to hone their literary fiction to a submission-ready level.  In this class, we  will focus on heightening our awareness of the choices we make on the page; novel excerpts and short stories are welcome. 

 We will read published works as well as the stories of our peers, creating an informative, engaging conversation that bridges the space between the two. Each writer will have the opportunity to submit their work for peer and instructor feedback twice throughout the six-week period. All students will meet once with the instructor for an individual conference following their in-class critiques. 

Hermione Hoby

Hermione Hoby is a cultural critic and the author of the novels Neon in Daylight, a two-time New York Times editors’ choice, and Virtue, which was published by Riverhead Books with praise from Rachel Kushner, Jia Tolentino, Leslie Jamison and others. She writes about literature, visual art, film, and music, and her pieces have appeared in Harper’s, the New Yorker, the New York Times, the Guardian, Vanity Fair, and elsewhere. Raised in south London, she graduated from Cambridge in 2007, subsequently spent ten years in New York, and now lives in Boulder, Colorado. 


"[A] promising debut. . . . This is a sharp novel with perceptive observations . . . and vivid, complicated relationships."


“Highly propulsive reading. . . . With effortlessly fluid prose, Hoby, herself a New York transplant from London, excels most promisingly in depicting the vivid, perhaps most iconic American city, especially as seen through the eyes of a curious and perceptive newcomer."


"Bracingly intelligent and imbued with deep, humane wit, NEON IN DAYLIGHT is an ode to the transience of the present, an exploration of the fierce and fragile bonds that guide us. Hermione Hoby channels the spirit of Joan Didion and the keen observational eye of Ben Lerner to show us the here and now, made luminously real."

Alexandra Kleeman author of YOU TOO CAN HAVE A BODY LIKE MINE

"NEON IN DAYLIGHT is a classic New York City novel―sleek and stylish, both in literary craft and in the milieu portrayed. Hermione Hoby's misfits combust on the page, but what sets this book apart is that her city isn’t just a playground―it’s remarkably lonely, punctuated by a series of connections and breakdowns that leave you feeling compassion for the characters long after the book is finished."

Stephanie Danler author of SWEETBITTER

"What do you get when a writer of extreme intelligence, insight, style and beauty chronicles the lives of self-absorbed hedonists―THE GREAT GATSBY, BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY, and now NEON IN DAYLIGHT. Hermione Hoby paints a garish world that drew me in and held me spellbound. She is a marvel."

Ann Patchett author of COMMONWEALTH