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4-Week Copyediting Seminar: Editing for Style

A Hands-On Lesson in Copyediting

A good copyedit is more than just a spell-check—it’s sensitive to author voice and intent and makes the text more accessible for the reader.

In this class, you’ll learn the basics of good copyediting and implement those basics over a number of sample texts. We’ll start with becoming familiar with the Chicago Manual Style and Merriam Webster, then move on to the different things copy editors should always be looking for when approaching a text.

Each week, we will discuss a concept and look at a sample text that demonstrates that concept. We’ll look at the text as a group to examine why certain changes were made and which copyediting rules apply. Students will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience in class, as well as verbal feedback from the instructor and peers on their work. We’ll also discuss tips for how to get freelance copyediting jobs.

No prior knowledge of copyediting is required to enroll in this class. This class is a good fit for those interested in learning more about copyediting as a profession as well as writers who want to bring copyediting skills to workshops.

Recommended readings:

Dreyer’s English by Benjamin Dreyer

A World Without “Whom” by Emmy J. Favilla

• BuzzFeed style guide

• Conscious Style Guide

Two full-ride scholarships will be awarded for this class to anyone who feels underrepresented in the industry, whether they're BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, disabled, or have another underrepresented identity, and for whom the fee might be a financial hardship. If you find that you are interested in this class, but would need a scholarship to enroll, please send an email to [email protected] by February 13th, with the subject line "Jordan Koluch Scholarship," and two writers will be selected through a lottery.

Our class platform works best on laptop or desktop computers. Class meetings will be held over video chat, using Zoom accessed from your private class page. While you can use Zoom from your browser, we recommend downloading the desktop client so you have access to all platform features. The Zoom calls will have automated transcription enabled. Please let us know ([email protected]) if you have any questions or concerns about accessibility. 

Check out this page for details about payment plans and discount opportunities.  


- Familiarity with the Chicago Manual of Style, Merriam Webster, and house style guides

- Experience copyediting example texts in a number of genres

- Personalized feedback from instructor and peers on copyedits

- Skills to craft style sheets for copyediting jobs

- 10% discount on all future Catapult classes


Each week, students will be walked through a one-page example copyedit for each topic and complete a one-page practice copyedit for each topic in class. Students will share that practice copyedit for verbal group feedback in class.

Access to CMS Online is ideal—they have a 30-day free trial, or anyone with a NYPL card can access for free via the library’s website.


Week 1: Style Guides

Week 2: Consistency, Sense, and Proper Nouns

Week 3: Confirmable Facts, Spelling/Usage, and Syntax

Week 4: Style Sheets and Moving Forward

Jordan Koluch

Jordan Koluch is a print production professional with a decade of experience in the book publishing industry, most recently as the copy chief at Catapult, Counterpoint, and Soft Skull Press. She has copyedited and proofread for ABRAMS, HarperCollins, Milkweed Editions, Simon & Schuster, and a number of other publishers, big and small.


"I'm always thrilled and put at ease when Jordan reads one of our titles because I know it's in the best hands. Her attention to detail is almost superhuman, and she asks the questions that never occurred to anyone else. If Jordan taught a class called How to Read a Book, I'd take it in a heartbeat."

Sarah Schneider Managing Editor at Zando

“Jordan is a meticulous and knowledgeable copyeditor, experienced in various genres. I would trust her skills with any copyediting project.”

Lisa Silverman Senior Managing Editor, Adult Books at ABRAMS

“As a former manager of Jordan's who currently hires her for freelance copyediting and proofreading, I've long been able to rely on her keen eye and impeccable instincts for this type of work. Jordan's expertise and diligence are evident on every page—I recently had an author who couldn't stop thanking her in the margins. Jordan's careful yet succinct approach to querying is exemplary in the way it respects an author's voice while providing a clear path for accuracy and clarity. Giving more copyeditors the opportunity to benefit from Jordan's tutelage can only mean good things for our profession.”

Sara Kitchen Senior Production Editor at Simon & Schuster

“Jordan is one of the best copy chiefs I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only was she responsible for helping run an incredibly busy production department, but her tutorials literally were the most in-demand/popular tutorials that our company had to offer. She is a wealth of knowledge, and not only was extremely patient with those who had many questions, but she made learning about copyediting and typesetting truly fun. I came away learning more than I thought possible and cannot recommend her services enough to those who are hoping to educate their fellow coworkers.”

Megan Fishmann Vice President/Associate Publisher, Publicity at Catapult, Counterpoint, and Soft Skull

“Jordan is one of the best publishing professionals in the business, and I recommend her work endlessly. She has such a wealth of knowledge in book production, from copyediting to proofing, design to typesetting—I’ve learned so much from her and will continue to! Her care and attention to detail are second to none. One top of it all, she’s also a wonderful person to work with and learn from. I would hire her in a heartbeat for any copyediting, design, or typesetting work.”

Allison Truj Assistant Director, Production and Design at PLOUGHSHARES