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4-Week Coaching with Jessica Ciencin Henriquez

Four weeks of individualized writing coaching with critically-acclaimed writer Jessica Ciencin Henriquez.

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez is a Colombian-American writer and editor. Her personal essays and narrative journalism have appeared in the New York Times’ Modern Love column, Self Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, among others. Her essays have also been featured in multiple anthologies, most recently: Oprah's Little Guide to The Big Questions. Jessica holds an MFA from Columbia University and a BA in elementary education/child studies from East Carolina University. Her forthcoming memoir is If You Loved Me You Would Know.

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"Taking Jessica’s personal essay class changed my writing completely. Her edits have a way of leaving the page and planting themselves in the back of my mind."

former student

"There is no instructor that has ever been more generous. Not just with her time and feedback, but Jessica is always ready and willing to share truths about her own creative process as well as her hard-earned industry contacts."

former student

"When I signed up for Jessica’s class, I thought maybe she’d help me tighten up an essay I’d been working on and send me on my way. I never imagined that she would teach me step-by-step how to mine one experience for multiple essays."

former student

”As a fiction writer, I was a bit more reserved than the other students in class, uncomfortable sharing more than the details I wrote down. Jessica was so considerate and respectful in the way she handled workshop sessions, she promoted vulnerability but never pushed it. She carefully criticized the writing making sure that the edits were never about the author. She was a teacher that was truly on my side from the beginning.”

former student

"The Upsides of Jessica's class: Her assignments were creative and fun. Her feedback was honest and painfully spot on. Her personality is so fun and engaging that those two hours always seemed to fly by. The Downsides of Jessica’s class: That I had to share her with a dozen other students."

former student