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10-Week Online Memoir Proposal Generator

To apply for this class you must submit a writing sample. This should be nonfiction, though it does not have to be from the proposal you plan to work on in class. No more than 2.5k words, please.  Writers will be notified of their acceptance on a rolling basis, and no later than June 8th. 

This 10-week workshop and craft class is designed to help memoirists develop a book proposal to share with literary agents and/or editors. Writers who have not yet generated pages or sample chapter(s) are welcome, but this course will be most helpful for those who already have a concrete idea for a longer work and are eager to begin creating the scaffolding for a formal proposal.

The class will alternate between craft and student workshops. For the first few weeks, we will primarily focus on what goes into a book proposal. Lectures, exercises, and featured guest speakers will help students break down the components of a successful proposal so they reach a thorough understanding of how to craft their own. We will also work on refining the ideas for our books, testing our preconceived notions about the limitations and scope of our projects and hopefully expanding our sense of what these ideas might mature into. 

Writers will develop a detailed chapter outline for their nonfiction projects, as well as a comprehensive proposal overview; both the outline and overview will be submitted to the group for peer and instructor feedback. Writers will also have the opportunity to workshop a sample chapter or chapters (5,000-7,000 words), with special attention paid to how sample material will fit into the larger framework of the proposal.

Writers will graduate this class with a thorough understanding of what a persuasive book proposal looks like, and several components of their own book proposal written and workshopped.


- Writers will write and workshop: 1) one sample chapter (or 5,000-7,000 words) of their memoir (fine if sample material has been drafted prior to the start of the course); 2) a comprehensive memoir proposal overview; and 3) a detailed chapter outline for their memoir.

- In addition to in-line comments on each submission, writers will receive a detailed editorial letter from the instructor after their workshops, summing up thoughts and offering suggestions for how to improve the work moving forward.

- Thorough feedback on every submission from a motivated group of peers.

- A more complete understanding of what goes into a nonfiction proposal, and how to craft your own.

- Clear and concrete information about the publishing industry and how to navigate it as an aspiring writer.


Week 1: Intros and logistics

Week 2: What is a book proposal?

Week 3: Overviews, intros, and selling your book (featuring an experienced literary agent as guest speaker)

Week 4: Workshop 

Week 5: Workshop

Week 6: Craft discussion + comparable titles (featuring a book marketing professional as guest speaker)

Week 7: Marketing discussion

Week 8: Workshop

Week 9: Workshop

Week 10: Voice exercise, goodbyes, next steps

* Please note that the course overview is just an outline, and is subject to change prior to the class start date.

*No class July 3rd

Nicole Chung

Nicole Chung is the author of the memoir All You Can Ever Know and the editor-in-chief of Catapult magazine. Find her on Twitter: @nicole_soojung


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