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Charlene Adhiambo is a Kenyan American writer based in her hometown of Atlanta. She is the Artistic Assistant at Obie Award-winning theatre PlayCo. Her one act play Guardian was read at Saudade Theatre’s Re-Descobrimentos Festival in July 2020. Her creative work spans many mediums, including (but not limited to), screenplay, stage play, fiction, essay, poetry, and song. She writes in a space somewhere between Ray Bradbury and Toni Morrison, two of her favorite authors. She received her BA in Creative Writing and English Literature from Columbia University. 


Cover Photo: Illustrations of Tina Turner, the author, a gospel choir—all joyous expressions of music and emotion
What Tina Turner Taught Me

In a theater, I am freed by the voices that shake the rafters, the dancing, the lights, and the colors. Musicals are my form of catharsis.

Jul 06, 2021