Caitlin Barasch

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Born and raised in New York, Caitlin earned her BA from Colorado College and her MFA from New York University, where she also taught creative writing. Her work has appeared in over a dozen publications, and been nominated for Best Small Fictions. Her debut novel, A Novel Obsession, was published in March 2022.


Cover Photo: A screenshot from the film You've Got Mail, featuring Meg Ryan standing behind a cash register in a bookstore talking to another woman.
Selling Books Helped Me Get My Groove Back

As I got better at articulating what customers should read and why, I was becoming equally capable of articulating what kinds of stories I wanted to write.

Mar 21, 2022
Cover Photo: Jez Timms via Unsplash
Riding Toward Danger: My Tinder Date on Horseback

Horses were my safest of sanctuaries. Nothing bad would happen.

Jan 08, 2018