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Bryan Washington’s debut collection, Lot, is forthcoming from Riverhead Books. He has written for the New York Times, the New York Times Magazine, New York Magazine, BuzzFeed, The Paris Review, Boston Review, Tin House, One Story, GQ, FADER, The Awl, and Catapult. He lives in Houston.



Cover Photo: Near Akebonobashi station, Tokyo / photo courtesy of the author
The Space Between Us and the Ground Below Us, or: Why I Traveled to Japan

“I was a gay boy, a black gay boy, in a place and time that seemingly eschewed everything I stood for.”

Jan 03, 2018
Cover Photo: Tallulah Pomeroy
The Future in Motion: Why I Judge High School Debate Tournaments

“You hope and hope they’ll get their chance and you know it’s possible they won’t.”

May 22, 2017
Cover Photo: photo via Kids Work Chicago Daycare/flickr
Watching White Kids

“It occurred to me that maybe they didn’t see me at all.”

Feb 22, 2017
Cover Photo: photo by Stuart Seeger/flickr
View From the Football Field; or, What Happens When the Game is Over

“The only future is the one right in front of you.”

Sep 15, 2016