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Brennan Kilbane is a writer from Cleveland. His interviews and essays have appeared in GQ, New York Magazine, Goop's momentary print magazine (RIP), and Allure, where he was recently on staff as a features writer. 


Cover Photo: A photograph of the actor Cate Blanchett sitting across from . . .  herself
Writer’s Block? Try Talking to Yourself

The self-interview is a way to ask myself real questions about whatever I’m working on without it feeling like work.

Dec 08, 2022
Cover Photo: An illustration of a man in a chair, viewed from behind, while shadowy figures loom over him against bright studio lighting and running cameras

Kurt had costars—and many ex-costars—claim their producers were like their best friends, their handlers, their editors, their priests.

Mar 04, 2022
Cover Photo: An illustration of four glamorous and racially-diverse women, shrouded in green smoke
Other Emily

“Commerce!” Emily shouted. “The hoarding and ceding and exchange of power. I see no clearer path into the souls of human people.”

Oct 01, 2021