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Wyomingite. Once described as "bleak but compelling" and then later as "bleak but relatable."

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Cover Photo: This photograph shows a wolf pack on top of an outcropping of rocks, one wolf raising its head to howl and the others moving around it. The photograph is dark, as if early in the morning or just before the sun sets. In the background, you can vaguely see a river and the dark forest behind it.
The Wedding After the Bomb

Somewhere far away, someone made a call, someone in power said yes to violence, and our friends would never get to see our friends say yes to love.

Cover Photo: In this illustration for Catapult by artist Celia Jacobs, a ghostly, partially transparent blond girl hovers in front of a red-faced man. The man is looking directly at the viewer as he sits in bed and the girl looks off to the side.
The Ghost on Platte River Access Road

That was the problem with ghosts, they made the air around them poisonous . . . and the only way to be rid of them was to be rid of the source.