Austin Gilkeson

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I write middle-grade witch and octopus fiction, and live with my wife and son outside Chicago.


Cover Photo: photo courtesy of the author
While Teaching in Japan, it Took an Enemy to Make Me Feel at Home

Yuka took my feelings of alienation and monstrousness and turned them into a hilarious joke we shared.

Dec 19, 2017
Cover Photo: J. Longo
Where the Stars Are Strange: J. R. R. Tolkien and Me

“The best books show us who we were when we first read them, who we are now, and who we may yet become.”

Oct 03, 2017
Cover Photo: The author and his son in Teshima / photo by Ayako Miki Gilkeson
Teshima: On Hearing Loss, My Son, and the Sea

There’s the lingering fear that I’ll no longer be able to hear my son’s voice.

Jan 30, 2017