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Anne Moraa is Kenyan feminist cultural worker, who writes, edits and performs. Her writing can be found in The Elephant, The Wide Margin,  Meridians, Jalada, among others. As a member of the LAM Sisterhood, she co-created the award winning documentary theatre show "The Brazen Edition", which sought to un-invisible invisibled women. You can follow her on Twitter @tweetmoraa


Cover Photo: Photographs by iStock and Arno Vermote/Unsplash; photo illustration by Matt Ortile
What It’s Like to Travel When You Have a “Bad” Passport

I am a Kenyan, an African, someone from the ‘global south.’ It is my job to prove I deserve to travel. It doesn’t matter how talented or smart or wealthy I or others like me are; we need a good passport.

Apr 15, 2019