Alison Fromme

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Alison lives in New York's Finger Lakes region, where she writes with the perspectives of a science writer, evolutionary biologist, and mother. For the first ten years of her professional writing career, she was a freelance science writer, publishing in National Geographic, The New York Times Learning Network, Backpacker Magazine, and many other publications. In this capacity, she also aired radio commentaries, gave guest lectures, and participated in panel discussions. For the past five years, she has been purposefully transitioning to creative nonfiction and working on her first creative nonfiction book, THE WAX WOMAN. Excerpts have been published in Stone Canoe and the Last Word on Nothing, and she has performed pieces based on this work at Rochester, NY’s Listen to Your Mother literary event; Ithaca, NY’s Trampoline Storytelling Competition; and the upcoming Motherhood is a Joke Showcase. This project has been supported by grants and fellowships from the Tompkins County Community Arts Partnership, the Saltonstall Foundation for the Arts, and the National Association of Science Writers. Her formal education, which significantly informs her writing, includes a BS Biology from Cornell University and MS Zoology from Washington State University.