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Alexandros Orphanides is a New York City-based writer and teacher of Honduran and Cypriot descent . In addition to his fiction and poetry, he writes on political, social and cultural issues with an emphasis on marginalized communities. His work has appeared in NPR, The Huffington Post, Complex Magazine,  In These Times, and TruthOut.


Cover Photo: Song of an Ancient New York City God by Alexandros Orphanides
Cover Photo: How Not To Have Javier Kick Your Ass
 by Alexandros Orphanides
How Not To Have Javier Kick Your Ass

"What’s it going to feel like when Javi punches you in the face?"

Cover Photo: (Image source: Y'amal/Flickr)

"...sometimes you just want something sweet."

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Jonny's Tunnel

" that age you operate on eternity mode."