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Alexa Abdalla is a Brooklyn-based writer and editor whose writing has previously appeared in Brooklyn Magazine, Her Campus, and The Drum. Her areas of interest include entertainment, identity, mental health, black holes, and Superman, who is also the subject of her undergraduate thesis. You can find her on Twitter at @lex_abdalla or Instagram at @lexaabdalla. 


Cover Photo: An abstracted figure stands in a dark home as two eyes peer into the house. As the yellow figure's eye peers in, it produces a ray of light— in this ray of light flowers bloom and grow. In the rest of the house dead flowers and botanical plants wilt.
On OCD, My Mother, and the Ways I Learned to Let Go

It goes like this: sit with the thought, don’t move your fingers, arms, legs, let it enter you, let it stay, let it leave.

Jan 16, 2020