Akanksha Singh

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Akanksha Singh is a journalist and writer based in Mumbai, where she covers travel, culture, and social justice. She has previously written for the BBC, CNN, HuffPost, and more. Follow her on Twitter @akankshamsingh and read her work at akanksha-singh.com.


Cover Photo: This image shows a hand reaching out over white-capped waves to a pair of hands, reaching into the air as if asking for help. It looks as if the painting was perhaps painted on a wall, as the texture of the background is rough  and adds to the emotion of the image.
Journalism Taught Me to Ask for Help

As a journalist, I’ve learned that isolation is damning—something I don’t think the writer in me fully recognizes.

Jun 15, 2021
Cover Photo: An image of the interview subject, a smiling man with a distinguished mustache
Muchhadji Has Achieved the Bombay Dream—I’m Still Working on It

Most paanwalas sell loose cigarettes. I don’t smoke often, but when I do, I buy one or two. I never buy them from Muchhad.

Feb 03, 2020