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Writer. Activist. LFC fan + Hamilton obsessive. Half of @ospthepodcast. Staff writer @LFCOffside.  Work can be found at fakeplasticdrafts.com.


Cover Photo: This image shows an old, yellowed postcard with child's handwriting, which reads: "Dear Lolo, How are you? If you ask me how I am doing I am fine. I miss you. Love, BJ." On the side of this postcard, an original polaroid of the author and his grandfathers shows the two of them standing in front of a trick, the grandfather's arm around a teenaged AJ.
All That I Can’t Carry

The life of my Lolo and my family in the Philippines is a deep reminder that people live full lives there and places like it, across the globe.

Mar 30, 2020
Cover Photo: Photograph by Jose Antonio Gallego Vázquez/Unsplash
What Springsteen’s Music Means to This Child of Working-Class Immigrants

I relate to what Springsteen sings because he reveals much of the American Dream as an intoxicating illusion.

Jan 31, 2019