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Aditi Malhotra is a writer, freelance journalist, and educator in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a professional juggler of many editorial hats. Currently, she’s writing a book on epilepsy from a public health perspective at Hesperian Health Guides. Her news writing and narrative nonfiction has appeared in Huffington Post, PBS Newshour,, Hechinger Report and Wall Street Journal, among others. She also writes poetry, fictional prose, and performs spoken word. Her work spans intersections of gender and migration, mental health and education, food and identity, and books! 


Cover Photo: This illustration is of a person doing the yoga pose "child's pose in prayer."
My Writing History Is Best Told Through Handwriting

Aditi Malhotra tells us about how handwriting has been a through line in her friendships, shows how handwriting can be incorporated into a generative practice, and offers some tried-and-tested stress-relief postures for happy handwriters.

Sep 22, 2022
Cover Photo: This header shows a headshot of Vanessa Hua next to the cover of her new novel, FORBIDDEN CITY
Vanessa Hua on Imaginative Inquiry and Historical Fiction

In this interview, Aditi Malhotra talks with Vanessa Hua about the fourteen-year process of writing and research that went into her new book, ‘Forbidden City.’

Apr 19, 2022