Addie Liechty Kogan

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Addie Liechty is a Bay Area psychotherapist, singer-songwriter, and writer of poetry and essays. Their writing interests include the intersections of spirituality, religion, psychology, and social justice. 


Cover Photo: A crowd of children dressed as Elvis Presley, the child in the center lowering their Elvis sunglasses to give someone just off-camera a mock-flirtatious look.
How Being a Child Elvis Impersonator Helped Me Find My Non-Binary Self

Each performance provided a hit of adrenal love. I lived on it. I survived off of it. Until, that is, that moment in the bathroom when I was thirteen.

Cover Photo: Art by Hanna Barczyk for Catapult
Finding My Place in Ritual and Love as a Queer Mennonite

With this person, I wondered, could I be my full self—queer, spiritual, and religious?