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Alicia Kroell is an Associate Editor at Catapult.


Cover Photo: This image shows the cover of Mina's book, THE FOUR HUMORS, on the left, and a black and white headshot of the author on the right. She is leaning her head on her hand and smiling slightly.
“I wanted to convey that conflict of balancing the expectations of two different cultures”: A Conversation with Mina Seçkin

“What would it look like for a person—one who is a disaffected millennial—to look for her soul in her body? That’s the question I wanted to write toward.”

Nov 16, 2021
Cover Photo: Meet Grizz, our literary pet of the month for December
Literary Pet of December: Grizz

This is Catapult's literary pet of the month column. Stay tuned each month for new bookish animal friends!

Dec 06, 2018